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Creating your database


Create a dbase in phpMyAdmin

Updated: September 01, 2008


Creating a database for your sNews website is a relatively easy process as long as we keep a few things in mind. First, it is taken for granted that your computer uses the Win-XP operating system... not a MacOS or LinuxOS. Second, you need to have the right tools to do the job. If you are developing your sNews site offline... on your own computer, you need to install a reliable server package that includes phpMyAdmin... the utility we use to create MySQL databases... and I've provided installation instructions for one of the best free bundles available - XAMPP for XP. If you're installing sNews directly to your host's server, you should have access to a CPanel that lets you create your database and use phpMyAdmin to add the tables. Third, you need to follow the steps provided.

NOTE: These steps apply for all versions of sNews, from 1.4 to 1.7. There are two steps to database creation.The first is creating the actual empty database itself, and the second involves populating it with the tables for your version. The script for creating 1.4 tables is located in the readme.txt file included with it. With versions 1.5, 1.6 and 1.7, the script for table creation is located in the included readme.html file. In either case, we will copy and paste the script into a phpMyAdmin admin panel. OK... let's get started.

Step One - Create the Database
Insert dbase name here

When you first open your phpMyAdmin Panel, you should see the Panel shown (partially) above. Insert the name you want for your database in the Create new database field. In this case, I am naming this database as snews1.5. Call it whatever you want... keep it short. The click the Create button to the right. You should now see the following information telling you that your database has been created.
Database created.

Step Two - Create the Tables

We want to "populate" the database by adding the tables to it. Click on the SQL tab in the top nav-bar area (2nd from the right) and... in the new panel... copy and paste the script from the readme file (that came with your package) into the large textarea field... so that it looks something like this... and click the Go button at the bottom:
Run SQL query
If all goes well... (and it should), the next panel will say "Your SQL query has been executed successfully" and show all the script within the SLQ query panel. You will also see links to the four tables under the database name in the left side-bar. Your database is created and you are now finished.


Create a dbase from CPanel

In some cases, your ISP (host) will not allow you to create a new database using the phpMyAdmin utility... but you'll have the option of creating it (empty) from the CPanel. You will find the link to MySQL Databases in the same sub-panel that contains the link to phpMyAdmin.

The first field you'll see is pretty simple - type in the name of the dbase you want... click the button and it gets created. Next, you want to scroll down a bit further and Create a User. Fill in the Username and Password fields with a short username and password that you will use later in configuring sNews... and record them in a safe place where you'll always be able to find them. Next, click the Create User button. You now have an empty, password-protected database.

Create the Tables

From here, it's just a matter of getting back to your main CPanel screen and opening phpMyAdmin from the link provided. Then, follow Step Two in the section above. In this case, open the Database drop-down field in the left side-bar and click on the name of your database... and follow Step Two.

Once completed, we can now move on to configuring your sNews package to run with your new database. Use the links at the top of this page to choose your Install version number... and let's continue.