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What sNews is

What sNews is


is one of the world's lightest PHP and MySQL-based Content Management Systems available under the Creative Commons Licence on the web.

Originally developed by Luka Cvrk, of Zagreb, Croatia, sNews is currently available in its latest version as sNews 1.7.1. It includes several major changes over its predecessor (1.6).

sNews allows developers to build either a blog or news site, or both, in which content can be added, edited and deleted through a normal web browser without the need to know any coding. If you are comfortable using MS Word, then you will quickly become comfortable with the sNews Administration system. Each Admin panel is very simple and easy to understand.

It should be noted, however, that the core sNews engine was a relatively new project in terms of web application technology while in development. Further development has not occured since as its developers were satisfied with the core engine after the release of version 1.7.1.

Integration of other templates, modifications or add-ons requires a sound understanding of PHP and XHTML scripting languages. The good news is that sNews is perhaps the easiest of all CMSs to integrate with just about any HTML-based template.

There is a fair amount of documentation... on how to install, use and modify sNews... and it is still available on the Official sNews Help Center page. Most mods and addons are still maintained and assistance provided on the the sNews Forums, where you are most welcome to register and join in. You can find answers to most problems and questions you may encounter in getting sNews to run. (this website) has been up for some time and, although it isn't refreshed with new content it is dedicated to promoting and enhancing the sNews CMS engine. will always be a work in progress, and fellow sNews developers are encouraged to share their work on the the sNews Forums.

If you are code-savvy and are ready to experience your own sNews-powered site, take a moment and visit the source at You can download the lastest release of sNews 1.7 (last updated: Feb. 16, 2011) in less time than it takes to wipe the sleep from your eyes. You can visit the sNews Forums for any assistance and lots of userful information on using sNews. Why not start on your new web solution today!

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