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Updated: September 03, 2006

The Downloads available from this page are provided to assist you with any of the tutorials or documentation they maybe related to as provided on this website. All downloads have been tested to ensure they function properly when installed according to instructions in the corresponding documentation or tutorial. is not responsible for any problems experienced by any user who chooses to modify or alter the functionality or use of any download provided on this page.

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Complete sNews 1.4 Packages

sNews 1.4 Quick Download!
The complete, original final release of sNews 1.4 from the Official sNews website at

sNews 1.4 + av4 Template
The andreas04 template, by Andreas Viklund, ported and integrated with a complete sNews 1.4 installation package.

Add-ons for sNews

HTML Entity Converter
This add-on installs a utility on your sNews site that converts HTML code entities to their ASCII equivalents for insertion within an sNews article.

Custom Modules Demo Kit
This add-on installs a set of four modules that will display plain text files as static HTML pages within the sNews 1.4 template.


MySQL Dump File for sNews 1.4
This .sql file creates the MySQL database tables for sNews 1.4 when used with phpMyAdmin or other similar database administration interface.