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Add-ons for snewsmain

What are sNews Add-ons?

Where sNews is concerned, add-ons are other website applications or utilities that can be added to work with an sNews website without making any significant modifications to the core sNews package. Falling into this category are image galleries, bulletin board systems, private messaging systems... just about anything that would normally run as a stand-alone application and can be easily ported to the same template being used in your sNews installation.

To give you some examples, the ZenPhoto gallery system has been successfully integrated into at least one sNews site. Some successful experimentation is being done with the LightBox image display technique, and Thickbox, a very promising variation along the same vein by Cody Lindley image display systems. And Plogger is running successfully on another sNews site. At least one bulletin board system is now under development as an exclusive sNews add-on. So, as these applications appear useful and are found to be stable in the sNews environment, we will explore them here and show you how to integrate them into your sNews site. As time permits, we'll probably have versions ready to run with sNews available for download, complete with some templating options.

This will take time to emerge, of course. Right now this section is under construction so check back now and then to see what we have available. We'll also pass any announcements along over at the official sNews website.